Case Care

Your modular case is special. Not only is a part of you and your life, but it can be fragile at certain times. Some steps and pointers will help you keep your cases looking great!

The stems on the modular case and mods are strong, but sometimes sensitive to hard pressures and pointy objects. They will permanently bend under enough pressure and will stay bent. Take care when removing the modules. If the mods are pryed off from one end, the leverage action can cause the mods to dig into and damage the stems. Try to remove the mod straight up and away from the face.

Debris can collect on the stems such as lint from your pocket. Using a simple hard bristle tooth brush on the face of the case will remove most debris form the locking tape stems. If you have deeply embedded debris then a metal bristle brush such as a auto detail brush or BBQ grill brush will pull out the debris very easily.


Fabric Cleaning: The fabric portion of our cases are durable just like your uniform but can get dirty from time to time. The best method is to use a damp cloth or very light amount of water to clean the fabric portion. It is very important to prevent from soaking the fabric portion with water because this can cause the adhesive glue holding it to the case to become wet and loose. If it this does happen just let the case and fabric dry completely and then repress it to the glue. If needed you can add some extra glue to it to return it to its previous holding strength.